A public “Premiere” and fund-raiser for “My Road Leads Home: The Spokane Homeless Connect,” a new locally produced documentary series on homelessness, was held Thursday evening, May 30, 7:00PM at the Spokane Public Library in downtown Spokane. Learn more on the documentary project website at MyRoadLeadsHome.org.

Working in cooperation with the Spokane Homeless Coalition, the Spokane Homeless Connect, and Community Minded Television (Comcast Channel 14), Rising River Media is launching a new documentary project on homelessness entitled, “My Road Leads Home.” The first 1-hour documentary installment, “The Spokane Homeless Connect,” focuses on an annual event which serves the homeless and marginalized of Spokane. Hours of foot- age from the January 2019 event have now been edited down to a 1-hour documentary.

According to project Executive Producer, Maurice Smith, this new documentary series will offer a positive community response to recent exposés such as the “Seattle Is Dying” special from KOMO in Seattle. According to Smith, the series will highlight a different reality. “Not only is Spokane not dying,” said Smith, “but we are coming together as a community to offer real help and to solve real problems. Our first documentary of the series (‘The Spokane Homeless Connect’) shows a community coming together to serve people struggling with homelessness and poverty. It doesn’t mean we’ve solved all the problems, but it does mean we’re coming together as a community and we’re working on it.”

Maurice Smith is the Executive Producer of “My Road Leads Home” and serves as the Media Liaison on the Leadership Team for the Spokane Homeless Coalition, a community Coalition of more than 900 individuals and service providers, and more than 100 agencies, ministries and churches serving the homeless and marginalized throughout Spokane County. Rising River Media is a 501c3 non-profit media and publishing company located in the Spokane Valley.