I need help

If you need help for yourself, your family, or someone else, please take a moment and fill out our simple request form.

We focus on transportation needs, food needs, and housing needs. This does not mean that other needs cannot be met, it just means that we spend most of our efforts and resources on these three areas. With help from our community and dedicated supporters, we often have help available in some form for many different situations—so please fill out the form to let us know your needs.

Your information will be sent to our committee leaders. We try to fulfill these requests in the order we receive them. Be patient, and please know that this form is not a guarantee of help or services, it is simply a request for assistance.

We try very hard to respond as quickly as we can, so please do not send multiple requests.

In the meantime, please visit our list of Spokane resources for shelter, housing, and home ownership assistance, help with utilities or food, and legal help.

Visit the Resource list.


Donate cash that goes directly to purchase backpacks and the necessities inside.

Invite Rick

Invite Rick Clark, founder of Giving Back Packs, to your city to speak.

Bring It Back

Attend a seminar and learn how to bring Giving Back Packs to your community.