Heart Attack

Heart Attack

Covid has changed so much of what we do, and fundraising has been one of them. We also felt like now more than ever, we need to show love to one another. What better way then giving someone a “Heart Attack”? For a $40 donation we will show up early in the morning and place yard stakes with different size large hearts all over their lawn. They will get an entire day of feeling, seeing and sharing the love, and come nightfall the hearts will magically be picked up! That’s it. Easy peasy. Great for birthdays, anniversaries, retirement…you name it and a lawn of hearts will send the message of love.


Donate cash that goes directly to purchase backpacks and the necessities inside.

Invite Rick

Invite Rick Clark, founder of Giving Back Packs, to your city to speak.

Bring It Back

Attend a seminar and learn how to bring Giving Back Packs to your community.