Since March of 2015 my life has taken a turn, and most of you have been along for the journey because I post a lot on Facebook lol. I have had many people ask me if I am having a “mid-life” crisis and I always respond with “No, I would call it a mid-life AWAKENING actually!”

I have seen what happens when positivity spreads throughout a community. I have seen that happy breeds more happy and once you surround yourself with all that is good in your world, it is hard to find faults as often as you may have in the past.

Always look for the good. This doesn’t mean to be delirious of the bad that does happen, it simply means we should always give the good a chance. Even the small things like puppies and rainbows lol. When we train our minds and souls to look for good, pretty soon life has much more good in it. It is hard to explain but has been amazing to actually see and experience.

So today, I challenge you to find ONE thing that makes you happy. Spend more than a second on it, really think about it and experience it for a few minutes. We have 24 hours in a day, we need to start spending some of it reflecting on what makes us happy