In a world where “Compassion Burnout” is a real thing, it can be difficult to ask the public for help over and over again, year after year. There are so many great nonprofits out there who are doing the same thing so multiply it by 100 and that can be a bit overwhelming for folks.

We understand this and are always blown away by the amount of items we continue to get month after month to fill our 4 storage units in the Spokane Valley. The very rare times we have gotten low on donations, the public responds and we have more than enough to continue helping. I believe that when we all join in, it does not leave the heavy lifting for only a handful of people.

So please know that if you have ever given us anything, we APPRECIATE YOU very much and please do not feel obligated. Give when you can and continue supporting us even when you can’t financially. Sharing posts is a HUGE way to help when you feel like you can’t offer much. When a post is shared 100 times, the word gets out and the need always gets filled. 
From the entire team at Giving Back Packs, thank you for always being there from day one and for never quitting on the folks who need us the most.