Our Mission

The mission of Giving Back Packs is simple: we hand out full backpacks to those who are experiencing homelessness. Learn how it began >


Donate cash that goes directly to purchase backpacks and the necessities inside.

Invite Rick

Invite Rick Clark, founder of Giving Back Packs, to your city to speak.

Bring It Back

Attend a seminar and learn how to bring Giving Back Packs to your community.

It Started In Spokane… But It Can Go Farther

Homelessness in Spokane is very visible.

Sleeping bags and tents lined our downtown underpasses during the winter, and we didn’t have enough shelter in cold, snowy weather for people who needed it.

The “issue” of homelessness is a topic of conversation at dinner tables and water coolers. Businesses worry about crime and safety. Homeless people are victims, as well, of harassment, violence, and theft—having the few belongings they have stolen as they sleep on the streets.

The need is tremendous, but no one knows what to do.

Giving Back Packs reminds us that behind the debates and news stories about homelessness are people who have simple needs—snacks and clean socks, a toothbrush, a smile, a conversation. Solutions can start here.

Giving Back Packs shares hope and connection in Spokane, Washington. Wonder if it could work in a city like yours? We believe it can.

Learn how to bring Giving Back Packs to your town. >


Rick is an amazing example of what this program is about. The way Giving Back Packs helps to restore faith in humanity never ceases to amaze me.

~ Conner Ray